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Canadian Nuclear Society
Société Nucléaire Canadienne
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An Open Letter to Citizens of Whitecourt and Woodlands County

Published in the Whitecourt Star, January 30, 2008


The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) is an independent body of people from all walks of life that believes that nuclear power has an important role to play in providing our planet with clean, abundant and economically priced energy. The CNS wants to help people understand.... it's not the technology that's necessarily complicated; it's the myths and misconceptions that complicate the understanding and appreciation of this vital industry. 

If a cross section of the public were asked what they thought about aspects of nuclear energy, a broad range of answers could be anticipated as indicated in the following table:




“Nuclear power plants are unsafe. Reactors are subject to nuclear explosions.”

“A nuclear reactor cannot explode like a nuclear bomb due to fundamental physical limits.”

“Spent nuclear fuel is a resource that can be recycled and constitutes a vast resource compared to other energy sources which would be essentially inexhaustible.”

“Spent nuclear fuel leaves a legacy of radioactive waste that will last for millions of years and uranium is so scarce it will last for only a few decades.”

“Bombs are made from the same material used in power plants. Nuclear power ultimately leads to the construction of nuclear bombs which can kill millions.”

“Nuclear bombs preceded nuclear power plants and are not easy to make. Power plants do not provide a simple path to nuclear weapons.”

“Nuclear power stations are the safest and most carefully engineered and regulated plants on earth with multiple levels of safety systems and radiation containment.”

“There are too many unsolved safety problems to trust this technology. Radiation is all too easily released to the environment.”

“All radiation is man made and did not exist until the invention of the atomic bomb during the Second World War. Subsequent releases of radiation are causing sickness and death around the world.”

“Radiation has existed on earth since it was formed, and life has evolved and exists in a bath of cosmic rays and naturally occurring radiation from the earth’s crust. Humans have never been healthier than now.”

“Nuclear energy is a clean and economical source of electricity which is essentially free of greenhouse gases.”

“Nuclear energy is unclean, too expensive, and generates very significant greenhouse gases.”

“Chernobyl or Three Mile Island could happen here and the movie “The China Syndrome” was a wake-up call.”

“The accident at Chernobyl was due to design flaws which have been corrected. Three Mile Island demonstrated how safety systems do protect people.”


All of these statements cannot be true; nor can they all be false.  The CNS is dedicated to the exchange of reliable information in the field of applied nuclear science and technology. This encompasses all aspects of nuclear energy, uranium, fission and other nuclear technologies such as occupational and environmental protection, medical diagnosis and treatment, the use of radioisotopes, and food preservation. CNS membership is composed of individuals directly involved in the use or development of a nuclear technology as well as individuals who are interested in learning about it.  Our members are eager to help you appreciate the rewards and problems associated with nuclear energy – and to dispel the myths and misconceptions which organized opposition groups are spreading. We are parents and grandparents ourselves and we would not support anything that we believe would be harmful to the environment and our families. We appreciate that anyone who has known the joy of holding their own child or grandchild has a vested interest in preserving a healthy and prosperous environment for future generations.

The CNS can provide access to information and speakers who are very capable of explaining issues surrounding nuclear energy.  If we can be of help in assisting you with your public information events, if you need help doing your own research, or if you are interested in joining the CNS, please do not hesitate to contact us. Additional contact information and membership forms are available on our national website (www.cns-snc.ca). You may also reach the Chairman of the Alberta Branch of the CNS, Dr. Duane Pendergast, at (403) 328 – 1804, email cns@computare.org or member Paul Hinman at (780)  463 - 3105.


We look forward to hearing from you.




Eric Williams, P.Eng., President, CNS                         Duane Pendergast, Ph.D., P.Eng., Chairman, Alberta Branch


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