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Grimshaw Mile Zero News - Manning Banner Post Nuclear Debate

January - May 2010

Terms and Conditions

The (following) written debate regarding nuclear power was published in the Grimshaw Mile Zero News and Manning Banner Post newspapers in editions between Jan. 20, 2010 and March 17, 2010. Mackenzie Report Inc. retains copyright of all the material below. Permission to share a digital or printed copy with associates or for republishing on Internet websites is granted, provided the written debate below is provided free of charge. Republishing the written debate in another printed publication is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Mackenzie Report Inc. Any person or entity choosing to republish the debate on a website is required to leave the text unchanged, with the exception of formatting. This includes the headline (Example: “The Economics of Nuclear Power”), information relating to when it was published (Example: “The following is part one of an eight part written debate regarding nuclear power generation, Published in the January 20, 2010 edition of the Mile Zero News and Banner Post”), ‘The Debaters’ biography information and the body of the written debate. Should any person or entity choose to republish or share this written debate, Mackenzie Report Inc. requires that comments on particular parts be printed between parts of the debate or at the end (Example: Website users or administrators can post comments after the final rebuttal of a particular part or at the end of the entire eight part debate.

Any person or entity that chooses to share this document without sharing the Terms and Conditions takes responsibility for the future use of the document by parties they share it with. (Example: If a person or entity shares only the written debate and not our requirements, they become legally liable for potential misuse against our explicit instructions.) For republishing on a website, these requirements may be published below the written debate. If this option is utilized, the word ‘following’ in the first sentence may be removed for clarification. Anyone who has any questions regarding this written debate may contact the Mile Zero News/Banner Post Editor at 780-332-2215, or Mackenzie Report Inc. Publisher at 780-926-2000.


The economics of nuclear power

Pat McNamara versus Duane Bratt - January 20, 2010


Radiation as a result of nuclear power generation

Jeremy Whitlock versus Brenda Brochu - January 27, 2010


Spent fuel from nuclear power generation

Dennis Sauvageau versus Duane Pendergast - February 23, 2010


Water use for nuclear power plants

Cosmos Voutsinos versus Brenda Brochu - February 10, 2010


Green (renewable) energy vs. nuclear energy

Gordon Howell versus Walter Keyes - March 17, 2010


Low-level radioactive waste

Michael Stephens versus Pat McNamara - February 24, 2010


Nuclear power accidents

Elena Schacherl versus Dan Meneley - March 3, 2010


Review and Feedback on Debates

Cosmos Voutsinos, Duane Pendergast, Adele Boucher Rymhs, Jason Glabik - May 5, 2010



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