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Thursday, November 02, 2006
The Editor
The Lethbridge Herald
P.O. Box 670
Lethbridge, AB, T1J 3Z7
Dear Editor, 

The ugly side of the Kyoto Protocol is starting to show its face. Friends of the Earth is threatening Canadians with legal consequences over a minor penalty clause (Article 3.2) of the Protocol. That is because Canada is late with a report on progress toward meeting the Kyoto commitment. (“Canada could face penalties under terms of Kyoto treaty”, 06/11/01, A7). 

Kyoto has more penalty provisions. The Marrakesh additions to Kyoto allow for emission reductions missed in the Kyoto compliance period of 2008 to 2012 to be compensated by greater reductions in the second compliance period. It was clear to many involved in the National Climate change Process years ago that Canada could not meet the Kyoto commitment. I even suggested at the 2002 “stakeholder meeting” in Calgary that the Marrakesh penalty clause be factored into Canada’s Kyoto plans to allow more time for technology development. The government officials presiding responded that we should first try to meet the commitment before thinking about extending the time to act. 

We’ve moved far beyond that now. It’s clear to almost everyone – apparently even Jack Layton - Canada can not meet the Kyoto commitment. World leaders are again falling over each other to see who can announce the tightest target on greenhouse gas reduction. There is now little sober thought as to the need or how it might be done. In the current state of hysteria over climate change, recriminations against those who fail to meet their arbitrary targets will begin to escalate.  

Canada needs a “time out” from inflated climate change rhetoric and Kyoto.  There is a way out of Kyoto. Article 27.3 of the Kyoto Protocol makes the following provision.

“Any Party that withdraws from the Convention shall be considered as also having withdrawn from this Protocol.”

That clause refers to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Canada is seemingly eligible to withdraw now and if she provides notice before the end of 2006 could be clear of the Kyoto commitment.

Perhaps it is time for Canada to admit a mistake in signing on to Kyoto and to consider withdrawal.


Yours truly, 


Duane Pendergast


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