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Canadian Nuclear Society "Western Focus Seminar"

The Canadian Nuclear Societies (CNS) 30th annual conference is being held in Calgary this year. This will be the first time the annual CNS conference has been held in Alberta. The theme this year is “New Nuclear Frontiers”

This conference gathers together scientists, engineers, technologists and students interested in all aspects and applications of nuclear technology. The central objective of is to provide a forum for exchange of views on how this technical enterprise can best serve the needs of humanity, now and in the future. Plenary sessions will address broad industrial and commercial developments in the field.

Papers will be solicited on technical developments in all subjects related to nuclear technology and its great potential for service to the world community.

Two of Canada's Western provinces, Alberta and Saskatchewan are home to a vast oil resource. The tar sands, or oil sands as some call them, contain some 170 trillion barrels of recoverable oil. Massive mining and in situ operations in place and more are being developed. Substantial energy is needed to process the oil sands. Currently fossil fuels are used for this purpose. The possibility of using nuclear energy for this purpose has been long contemplated. With current concerns over carbon dioxide emissions from oil sands production, and the potential to make more fossil fuel available for other purposes, nuclear energy's time may have arrived.

A special "Western Focus Seminar" has been organized as an integral part of the conference. Sessions composed of invited presentations will focus on issues relevant to the introduction of nuclear energy into western Canada for both electricity production and for steam to process the oil sands. Topics include electrical system and industrial energy requirements, alternative reactor concepts, infrastructure needs, nuclear service industry standards, education, and community support. This seminar, combined with the plenary sessions will provide a comprehensive overview of nuclear business and technology, and will be of interest to entrepreneurs, managers, industry executives, government officials, and professionals looking for an opportunity to learn more about nuclear energy.

A listing of invited presentations with links to abstract/biography summaries where available is available at the following link:


Full conference information is available at:


Prepared by (DRP 09/03/18)

The final program and presentations to the Western Focus Seminar are now posted here. (DRP 09/06/18)


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