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Western Focus Seminar

30th Annual CNS Conference & 33rd Annual CNS/CNA Student Conference

"New Nuclear Frontiers"

Calgary Telus Convention Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 31 - June 03


Two of Canada's Western provinces, Alberta and Saskatchewan are home to a vast oil resource. The tar sands, or oil sands as some call them, contain some 170 trillion barrels of recoverable oil. Massive mining and in situ operations are in place and more are being developed. These represent massive investments in infrastructure on a scale commensurate with investments in nuclear energy.  Currently fossil fuels are used to process the oil sands. The possibility of using nuclear energy has been long contemplated. With current concerns over carbon dioxide emissions from oil sands production, and the potential to make more fossil fuel available for other purposes, nuclear energy's time in  sustainable development process involving the  oil  sands may have arrived.

This "Western Focus Seminar" was organized as an integral part of the CNS Annual conference. Invited presentations focused on issues relevant to the introduction of nuclear energy into western Canada for both electricity production and for steam to process the oil sands. Topics include electrical system and industrial energy requirements, alternative reactor concepts, infrastructure needs, nuclear service industry standards, education, and community support. The presentations posted here will be of interest to entrepreneurs, managers, industry executives, government officials, professionals and members of the general public looking for an opportunity to learn more about nuclear energy.

The conference also attracted over one hundred technical papers which will be included in the conference proceedings. Readers are referred to the Canadian Nuclear Society website for more general conference information.

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Monday June 1, 13:50 to 16:50, Plenary Session WF1 – Introduction to New Nuclear Frontiers
Co-Chairs: D. Pendergast (Alberta Branch of CNS), L. Simpson (Manitoba Branch of CNS)

Introductory Remarks

D. Pendergast    Bio      Speaking Notes

J.  Harvie    Bio    Speaking Notes

H.  McFarlane    Bio    Speaking Notes

Comparing the Market for Nuclear Power in Alberta and Saskatchewan
D. Bratt, (Mount Royal College)

Bio    Paper    Oral Presentation Only

Should Manitoba Go Nuclear?
L. Simpson, B. Skinner (Former Mayor and Mayor, Pinawa, Manitoba)

Bios    Paper    Presentation

Total Energy Supply for Remote Human Habitations: Nuclear North of 60
J. Harris (Bruce Branch of CNS)

Bio    Presentation

Energy for Oil Sands Production
S. Asgarpour (Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada)

Bio    Presentation    PTAC Website

Tuesday, June 2, 8:00 to 11:30, Parallel Session WF2 – Nuclear Reactors and the Oil Sands
Co-Chairs: D. Bratt, (Mount Royal College), R. Oberth ( AECL)

Small Nuclear Steam Generators for Alberta's Bitumen Resources
I. J. Potter (Alberta Research Council), H. McFarlane (Idaho National Laboratory)

Bios    Presentation     ARC Website    INL Website

Hydrogen, Nuclear and the Oil Sands: “The Next Economically Viable Step in a Sustainable Future”
 D. S. Scott (Retired from U of T and U. Vic.) , N. Alexander (Presenter, Organization of CANDU Industries)

Bios    Presentation      OCI Website

Hybrid Nuclear-Fossil Systems for Low-Emission Production of Synthetic Fuels
R. S. Cherry ( Idaho National Laboratory)

Bio    Presentation     INL Website

CANDU Nuclear Plant Configured for Multiple Oil Sands and Power Applications
R. Oberth, S. Kuran, R. Duffey, and C. Cottrell (AECL)

Bios    Presentation     AECL Website

Nuclear Hydrogen Applications for the Production of Synthetic Crude
D. Ryland, S. Suppiah (AECL)

Bios    Presentation     AECL Website

Tuesday, June 2, 8:00 to 11:30, Parallel Session WF3 – New Reactor Concepts
Co-Chairs: D. Meneley, (UOIT), C. Voutsinos (Alberta Branch of CNS)

Energy to Save the World: Use of Portable Nuclear Energy
for Hydrocarbon Recovery, Electrical Generation, and Water Reclamation

J. R. Deal (Hyperion Power Generation)

Bio    Hyperion Website

Applicability of Small Fast Reactor "4S" for Oil Sands Recovery
S. Matsuyama, Y. Nishiguchi, Y. Sakashita, S. Kasuga, K. Arie , (Toshiba)
M. Kawashima (Aitel Corp.). T. Grenci ( Westinghouse)

Bios    Paper    Presentation

Toshiba 4S Reactor Applications: Economic Case Studies
J. N. O'Brien, P. O. Moor (SASOR Canada and Tetra Tech)

  Bios    Presentation

Modular Helium Reactor (MHR) for Oil Sands Extraction
A. Shenoy and A. Telengator (General Atomics)

Bios    Presentation     GA Website

Electric and Thermal Power Sources Based on Nuclear Shipbuilding Technologies
K. B. Veshnyakov, Yu. P. Fadeev, Y. Panov, V. Polunichev (OKBM, Rosatom, Russia)

Bios    Presentation

Compact, Transportable Nuclear Power Systems For Rapid Deployment To Remote Locations
for Industry, Oil Recovery, Municipalities And Disaster Relief

J. R. Powell and J. P. Farrell (Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc.)

Bios    Paper      Presentation    BTG Website

Wednesday, June 3, 8:00 to 11:30, Parallel Session WF4 – Licensing, Construction, Education, Research
Co-Chairs: P. Hinman (Alberta Branch of CNS), J. Whitlock (AECL)

Technology Neutral Licensing Requirements: Have we been successful?
T. Jamieson (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)

Bio    Presentation    CNSC Website

Qualifications Needed to Design, Construct and Manufacture Nuclear Systems and Equipment
C. Voutsinos (Alberta Branch of CNS)

Bio    Paper    Presentation

Pursuit of Nuclear Science and Technology Education in the Prairies
C. Rangacharyulu (University of Saskatchewan)

Bio    Presentation

Energy Research and Public Policy Advice: A Bridge to Canada’s Future
L. Hoye (Professor Emeritus, University of Lethbridge)

Bio    Paper    Presentation

Synchrotron Radiation Based Techniques For Nuclear Power Research
Josef Hormes (Canadian Lightsource Inc., Saskatchewan)

 Bio    Presentation    CLS Website

Nuclear Energy And Health: And the Benefits of Low-dose Radiation Hormesis
J. M. Cuttler (Cuttler & Associates Inc, Ontario)
M. Pollycove (M.D., School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, USA)

Bios    Summary Paper    Published paper     Presentation

 Wednesday, June 3, 8:00 to 11:30, Parallel Session WF5
New Reactor Concepts and Community Support
Co-Chairs: R. Duffey (AECL), R. Varty (Consultant in Engineering Science)

NuScale Power: A New Approach to Commercial Nuclear Power
J. N. Reyes, Jr., P. Lorenzini (NuScale Power Incorporated, USA)

Bios    Presentation     NuScale Website

The Nuclear Industry – How a Community Benefits
N. Alexander, (Organization of CANDU Industries)

Bio    Presentation     OCI Website

Why CAREM?: Bias Towards Smaller Sized NPP
R. Mazzi ( INVAP, Argentina)

Bio    Presentation     INVAP Website

Nuclear Power in the Snowmobile Capital of Alberta
T. Thain ( Mayor, Whitecourt, Alberta)

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The End

(Prepared 09/06/18 DRP)


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