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Letters and Commentary from 2012

November 25 - "Nuclear Madness Strikes the World"

Gwynne Dyer's column under the above title appeared in the Lethbridge Herald on November 25, 2012 appealed to recognition of nuclear power as a means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. His article is still available on the WWW. I'd drafted a response indicating nuclear energy is needed regardless of whether it is greenhouse gas free - or not. I didn't submit it and provide it here for the record. (DRP 13/12/30)

June 12 - Electrical review should maybe be expanded

John Davies is a Professional Engineer and President and co-owner of Lethbridge Iron Works. He graduated from the U of A with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He is also the Secretary and Treasurer of the Industrial Association of Southern Alberta (IASA). John was involved in Alberta government consultations during the time of deregulation of the electricity system.

He spoke to the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs on May 24, 2012, providing a review of the performance of the deregulated system some 10 years after it was implemented. John concludes the system is not working to provide Albertans with electricity at minimal cost. Indeed he is concerned that charges for "wires" will rise dramatically in coming years and explains why. My letter to the Lethbridge Herald, published under the above title,  sought to help advertise his presentation. During the Annual General Meeting of SACPA on June 21, it was noted that John's presentation and audio has been one of the most heavily accessed  of those posted n the SACPA website. Let's hope our political leaders are listening. (DRP 12/06/22)

May 12 - Concerns about climate change exhibit well-founded

A climate change exhibit and talks at the Galt museum in Lethbridge aroused some concern locally, A couple from Calgary, one a speaker from Al Gore's contingent of climate change evangelists, spoke to the museum and made a presentation to SACPA. Mr. Gores troupe of speakers are trained by the Climate Reality  Project to promote a version of Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". My letter to the Herald was intended to advertise a balancing SACPA presentation  by Dr. Tim Ball from the International Science Coalition. These two presentations and websites capture the extreme poles of opinion on the issue of anthropogenic climate change. (DRP 12/06/03)

April 28 - Time for a review of deregulation experiment

Local candidates discussed the increasing price of electricity during a pre-election debate on April 4 in Lethbridge East riding. I sent a letter to the Lethbridge Herald aimed at explaining the role of wind power. Transmission lines intended to support wind power access to the grid are the most rapidly increasing component of our bills. It was published under the above title.

January 12 - Strategy should enhance our ability to develop energy sources

There is talk in Alberta about the need for a "National Energy Strategy". This letter to the Lethbridge Herald  collects some related discussion and concurs that should be considered. A national strategy should consider the  very long term (decades). It should prominently examine the role Canada's uranium and the development of other nuclear energy resources could play  in providing the world with energy needs.  The letter was  published on 12/01/23 under the above title. (DRP 12/01/23)

January 03 - Oilsands are needed to ensure energy resources

An organization known as ForestEthics has been actively working for several years suppress economic development of  Canada's forests. Recently they have turned their attention to Alberta's oilsands and have enlisted several companies to join them in an initiative to boycott oil from the sands. Chiquita Brands received a lot of press on the issue. My letter to the Lethbridge Herald was published in shortened form under the above title and urges citizens to avoid the use of products and services from companies following in ForestEthic's and Chiquita's footsteps.


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