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Western Focus Seminar

33rd Annual CNS Conference & 36th  Annual CNS/CNA Student Conference

"Building on our past...Building for the future"

TCU Place
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
2012 June 10 - 13


Canada's western provinces, the Yukon and Northwest Territories and Nunavut are home to vast oil, uranium and other mineral resources. The lions share of oil sand resources lie in northern Alberta. Saskatchewan's north produces a substantial fraction of the world's uranium. In recent decades diamond mining has been initiated in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Many of these installations are of a size and scope to make the prospect of deriving energy needs from small size nuclear reactors attractive. Far north installations away from water or ground based energy transport provide additional economic incentive for a highly concentrated energy source such as nuclear fuel. 

This "Western Focus Seminar" was organized as a supplement to the CNS Annual conference. Invited presentations focused on issues relevant to the introduction of nuclear energy into western and northern Canada for both electricity production and process heat. Topics include electrical system and industrial energy requirements, alternative reactor concepts, safety and licensing, and education. The presentations posted here will be of interest to anyone  looking for an opportunity to learn more about nuclear energy in the context of opportunities in Canada's western and northern  regions. The collection of papers provides interesting insight to the many variations  of small reactors that have been built over the few decades since the ability to harness nuclear energy was established. Modern design concepts, many intended to take advantage of lessons learned from commercial large reactors and mass production techniques are discussed.  Some, notably NuScale and and Babcock and Wilcox mPower, are engaged in the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission licensing process.

The conference also attracted over one hundred technical papers which will be included in the conference proceedings. Readers are referred to the Canadian Nuclear Society website for more general conference information.

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Monday, June  11, 14:00 - 17:00 , Western Focus Seminar - Education
Co-Chairs : Len Simpson, 2nd VP CNS - Laurence Hoye, Professor Emeritus, University of Lethbridge

 Nuclear North of 60: Total Energy Supply for Remote Human Habitations
Jay Harris (Nuclear Operator, Canadian Nuclear Society)

Bio   Presentation

Distributed Generation in Small Remote Northern Communities
David Malcolm (Yellowknife, NWT)

Bio      Presentation

A Conversational Approach To Teaching About Nuclear Power
Jason Donev (University of Calgary), Yuen-Ying Carpenter (University of Calgary)

Bio     Presentation    Webpage

Teaching Nuclear Energy: The Challenges of Interdisciplinarity in the Classroom
Brett McCollum (Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB), Duane Bratt (Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB)

 McCollum Bio  Webpage     Bratt  Bio     Webpage         Presentation     Paper  

Saskatchewan Research Councilís SLOWPOKE Reactor-30 Years and Still Glowing
Brenda Stanek (Saskatchewan Research Council)

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Public Involvement in Adaptive Phased Management of Nuclear Waste Facilities
Denise Chartrand (Royal Roads University), Jason Donev (University of Calgary)

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Tuesday June  12 08:00 to 10:05, Western Focus Seminar - Small Reactors
Co-Chairs: Duane Pendergast, President, Alberta Chapter, CNS - Shaun Ward, Retired Lethbridge Alderman

The Radix Mini--Modular Reactors For Energy Supply
Paul Farrell, Philip Moor (RADIX Power and Energy Corporation Long Island, NY)

Bios   Presentation     Website

A CANDU-Type Small/Medium Power Reactor
Daniel Meneley (AECL/UOIT)

Bio  Presentation 

The Smallest SMRs
Ken S. Kozier (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited)

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Molten Salt Reactors and the Oil Sands: Odd Couple or Key to North American Energy Independence?
D LeBlanc (Ottawa Valley Research Associates Ltd.)

Bio    Presentation   

Reactor Technology Selections for Remote Sites
David Carlson (Gen4Energy)

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Tuesday, June 12, 10:05 - 11:45, Western Focus Seminar - Safety & Licensing
Co-Chairs: Duane Pendergast, President, Alberta Chapter, CNS  - Shaun Ward, Retired Lethbridge Alderman

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - Readiness to Regulate SMRs in Canada
Stephanie Herstead, Stephen Cook, Marcel De Vos, Barclay Howden (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)

Bio    Presentation    Handout  Website

Introducing Small Modular Reactors Into Canada
J.R. Humphries (AMEC NSS Limited)

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Fuel Choice, Nuclear Energy, Climate and Carbon
Al Shpyth (EcoMetrix Incorporated)

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What is the Appropriate Radiation Level for Evacuations?
Jerry Cuttler (Cuttler & Associates Inc)

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Tuesday, June 12, PLENARY III - Small Modular Reactors
Chair : Bob Walker, AECL-NL

Overview of NuScale Technology
Dan Ingersoll (Director of Research Collaboration, NuScale)

Bio    Presentation  Website

Babcock & Wilcox Generation mPower
Chris Deir (Nuclear Business Development Manager, B&W Canada)

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Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor Design and Application
Ryan Blinn (Westinghouse)

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The End

(Prepared 12/08/01 DRP)



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