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Letters and Commentary from 2009

December 30 - Who are the real deniers?

A letter from Eric Williams in the Lethbridge Herald suggested melting glaciers and Arctic ice should convince local climate change "deniers" that CO2 induced global warming is reality. This was in response to several sceptical letters including one from me. This seemed a good opportunity to bring up the "Climategate" affair. My letter was published under the above title. (10/01/22) 

December 18 - Environmental groups making a habit of crying "oilsands"

An article in the Lethbridge Herald referencing a paper by David Schindler, et al,   suggests "Oilsands pollution worse than thought". It seemed to me the pollution under discussion paled when contrasted with that from paving roads. My letter of comparison was published under the above title on  09/12/18. (DRP 10/01/22)

November 25 - CO2 levels not sole driver of climate change

Gwynne Dyer's regular column published in the Lethbridge Herald on 09/11/01 titled  "Avalanche of climate evidence" suggests CO2 is the sole driver of climate change going back some 35 million years. My letter pointing out other likely causes of change  was published under the above title. (10/01/22)

November 19 - Transmission line fight hurts green energy cause

There has been much discussion of a legislative Bill intended to  move approval of transmission line projects to a high lever of government involvement in Alberta. I commented on the motives of individuals and organizations disturbed by the plans for massive transmission line expansion. My letter was published under the above title. Transmission expansion has  been largely motivated by expressions of interest in developing massive wind farms in Alberta. It is worth noting that the Bill was passed in mid-December of 2009. The Alberta Electric System Operator's Long Term Transmission Plan, which is its basis, provides for all the transmission capacity within Alberta that nuclear power plant developers could hope for. (10/01/22)

July 18 - Nuclear discussion hasn't been true debate

Brenda Brochu, of the Peace River Environmental Society (PRES), published a letter in the Lethbridge Herald dated 09/07/10  indicating that Cosmos Voutsinos was incorrect to suggest that environmental organizations had avoided being engaged in debates on nuclear power. She suggested that PRES was open to participating in a debate.  She referenced the Whitecourt and Blue Ridge "debates" so I elaborated on that format in a letter of response. My letter was published on July 18 and is posted here. (10/01/22)

March 30 - Reliability of electrical supply key concern

Lawrence Hoye and I requested an  opportunity to speak to City Council about planning for electricity supply to Lethbridge. Subsequently we were invited make a presentation on March 2nd to a Lethbridge City Council Community Issue meeting . A  Lethbridge Herald article, "Nuclear power pitched to city"  misrepresented our presentation so we asked to write a guest column of correction and clarification. It was published on March 30 under the above title. The minutes from our presentation are on the Lethbridge City website. (10/01/22)

February 12 - Mann's World

The Financial Post published an article by Michael Mann on February 7th which attacked Laurence Solomon for his commentary on a Nature Magazine  article on climate change in Antarctica. He accused Solomon of being a shill for the oil companies.  A counter article by Solomon was published as well. Solomon appeared to be the bigger man(n). I and many others wrote letters to the editor. Several including mine were published.

With the hindsight  of "Climategate" this article by Mann is particularly disturbing. He seemed to have been engaging then in   behaviour  which reinforces impressions established in the long chain of emails later brought to light by Climategate. (DRP 010/01/22)  


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